Industries we Serve

types of clients we work with

Cool Air Mechanical offers services to clients in diverse industries


When lives are on the line, hospital managers trust us to design and maintain systems specific for filtration, temperature control and optimal humidity.


Alaska is a special place, so keeping guests warm and comfortable is a familiar challenge for our experienced HVAC professionals.


We design HVAC systems to accommodate the specific temperature and humidity levels needed by customers, their safe deposit boxes, and your high-security safes.


Your congregation’s comfort makes worship more meaningful. A quiet HVAC system that keeps the environment fresh with a reliable temperature control can be customized to your building and its frequent changes in occupancy.


We have a broad range of experience creating custom solutions for our Alaskan manufacturers. Our professionals are reliable in every industrial setting, meeting the unique challenges faced in your industry.


Alaskan offices need a robust HVAC solution to keep the work environment comfortable and well-ventilated. Our team can ensure your system is efficient and cost-effective, as well as reliable every day.

Data Centers

Cool Air HVAC professionals are knowledgeable and experienced in the specific challenges faced by technological infrastructure.


One of the most challenging environments for HVAC. Our team is trusted by Alaskan schools to keep kids and teachers warm and healthy with custom HVAC for every building.


Critical industrial facilities keep Alaska running. Cool Air serves Power Plants, Mining, Refineries, Oil and Gas Facilities, and many other industrial facilities. Cool Air specializes in the most challenging mechanical issues in the industrial sector.